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Important steps to take, if you have roof damage

If your roof is damaged, you must take action immediately to fix that damage. Keep reading below to our expert advice on how to manage roof damage issues, and some important safety tips.

What are the main reasons roof damage can occur?

Roof damage can be caused by strong wind, heavy rain, tree branches, structural issues, and sometimes simply by the age of the roof, where an existing problem has suddenly become visible. The initial problem can do a lot more damage if your roof has any gaps or leaks. The sooner you get started on fixing the problems, the better.

Steps to take:

  • First, visually inspect the damage: Do not attempt to get up on the damaged roof, It’s not worth the risk. Never take unnecessary chances with a damaged roof. You don’t need to be an expert, just get a good overall understanding of the damage you can see, like your ceiling has visible water damage, your gutters are leaking, etc., so you can talk to your roofers and explain the basic issues. You can also take photos of the damage that is visible to you and send it to us via email (

  • Second, call your local roofers: Local roofers can get onsite fast and go to work on the problems. They can also mitigate problems like leaks using temporary covers, waterproofing sealants, and similar measures, to prevent the damage from spreading.

  • Last, wait for your roofers to do a thorough inspection: The roofers will check and inspect all the issues, including the far less obvious problems. The less obvious problems include structural issues, risk assessments, and detailed evaluations of everything that needs fixing.

Want top quality roof repairs in Sydney?

If you need work on a damaged roof in Sydney, all you need to do is call Rooftop Services. We’ll carry out all necessary work for you. We can even do new roof installation, and re-roofing if required. Call us on 0477 779 520 and ask our friendly roofing experts for any help you need. We’ll be onsite ASAP, and we’ll make sure your roofing work is done properly to the best standards of workmanship.

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