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How Can We Help You?

Do I have to replace gutters and downpipes?

As long as they are in good shape and are not in need of fixing or replacing then we can work around them.

What if my newly installed roof leaks?

We stand by our work, so if there are any leaks in the new roof, we will ensure to fix this for you immediately.

How often do I need to clean my gutters and downpipes?

We would recommend to do this on a quarterly basis, to minimise the need to replace them. Remember that maintenance is the key.

How much does it cost to replace my roof?

Every roof is different and prices depend on the material type, the condition of the roof, how steep the roof is, etc. Please get in contact with us so that we can provide you with a quote for your roofing needs.

How long is my new roof going to last?

The life expectancy of a roof varies according to the material from which it is made of and also how well maintained the roof is, so here’s what you need to know for each type:
1. Tile Roof (40 to 50 years)
2. Metal Roof (40 to 70 years)
3. Slate Roof (50 to 100 years)

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