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Get professional roofers that can do everything for your home

With our years of experience in roofing we can tell you for a fact that roofing problems can be quite baffling. Some of the problems don’t even look like roofing problems. These problems can do massive & expensive damage to your home and be quite frustrating. If you’ve got roofing problems talking to the experts is definitely the first step.

Roofing Problems Overview

There’s a whole range of possible problems:


Roof leaks are dangerous. They can be caused by minor roof seal leaks, gaps in roofing, a tree branch or other impact on the roof, or tiles with gaps or damage. If these leaks get into the interior, near wiring or timber, they can be true disasters in progress. Leaks can cause 6-figure damage if they’re not fixed properly and fixed fast.


Mould can easily be as bad as or worse than termites. It can destroy timber and cause unbelievable interior damage. Mould is caused and aggravated by moisture, and the roof is the number one source of the moisture. Mould can also make the quality of life miserable for people with respiratory diseases or allergies. If you smell mould, get it fixed immediately, because you’ve got a dangerous problem which can only get worse if not rectified.

Structural Problems

These can be caused by faulty roof installation, inadequate repairs which have affected the roof structure, soil subsidence or simply through the age of the supports. These problems can basically destroy the roof, causing gaps, leaks, and even affecting adjoining building structures.

Get A Roofer!

It’s always best to be aware that some roof problems are both dangerous and expensive. If you suspect you have a significant roofing problem, just call your local roofers. You don’t want to be second guessing about the cost, how to fix the problem or anything else to do with roofing problems of these kinds.

Your roofers will:

  • Inspect the roof from top to bottom: They’ll check everything. They’ll identify the problems and find any interior problems, too. This work takes a bit of patience and a trained eye to really assess all the issues.

  • Provide a clear picture of issues and fixes for your roof: Like any expert, a good roofer can clearly explain the issues and the fixes. You’ll get a very clear picture of what needs doing and how to manage the issues. This is very important because your roof may need complex work. You need to know what’s being done and why it’s being done.

  • Provide the solutions: A full-service roofing company can deliver all the answers, including top-quality materials, roof tiles, supports, and roof materials like sarking, etc. It’s best to use a single-source roofing supplies and installation roofing company. This will reduce costs and it’s a lot easier to deal with a single supplier of materials and services.

Want Some Help with A Roof in Sydney? Talk to Us!

If you’ve got roof problems in Sydney, call Rooftop Services. Ask us for any help and advice you need. We can provide all the materials to fix your roof. Our expert roofers will give you friendly service and a good deal too.

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